Berlin Wall symbolized the Cold War division of Germany and the world between the communist and the capitalist blocs. Before the wall Berliners could freely cross the border, East Berliner work in West Berlin in daily bases for a higher exchange rate. The Wall split a city, a people, and the world, tearing apart families and friends for decades, and becoming a powerful symbol of the Cold War, representing the deepening divide between East and West, physically, politically, and philosophically.East Germans escaped into West Germany throughout 1950s and into the early 1960s.East Germany had already lost 2.5 million people by 1961 due to this mass emigration,most were young and trained professionals. The Soviet Union blocks West Berlin, attempted to take control of West Berlin. But the blockade eventually became a failure for the Soviet. The Soviet constructed the Berlin Wall to isolate West Berlin. We wanted to learn more about the Cool War, and post World War II Germany, so we choose this topic.
  • Revolution: Constructed the wall, a movement of the Soviet Union for stabilizing German Democratic Republic (East Germany) economy and the Communist regime.
  • ‍Reaction: The responds of the Western World. East German attempted to flee into West Berlin. The wall intensify the cold war attention, the sense of reunited, and the conflict to the communist world.

  • ‍Reform: The movement that led to the fall of the wall, its effects to the Communist world, and led to the collapse of Soviet Union. The fall of the wall lead to the united of Germany. They can clearly see the different beliefs the German people have.

Benny: reaction

Tyler: revolution and reform